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Leaving Kate 

A Novel 

No big chances, and no big changes. This was Kate’s motto. Afraid of rocking the boat and having to face the world alone, she makes every effort to keep her circle tight. That is, until she meets Eric, the charming Southern boy from Texas who stands out like a sore thumb in the bustling city of D.C. Eric has suffered much in his past, but, unlike Kate, he has learned to grow from his experiences instead of run from them.

Just when Kate finally begins to let her guard down, letting Eric in, dark events cloud her new sunny attitude towards life and love. After a traumatic incident that shatters her whole world, fears from her past re-surface and she is forced to decide if she is willing to stay open to love, or if the risk is just too great.


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Planning Christmas 

A Novella

Christmas is coming. Fast. Too fast for Type-A over-stressed, Paige, who is planning the ultimate holiday. This year, Christmas has to be perfect. This year, she is meeting Aaron’s parents for the first time. Armed with a list of to-do’s, she is ready to tackle every detail from finding the biggest and best tree right down to choosing the type of font on the Christmas party invitations.

Unfortunately, Aaron does not see the “big deal”; after all, “it`s only Christmas”. Therefore, Paige must enlist the help of her best friend, Jack if she is going to get everything done in time. With all of her planning, what could possibly go wrong?


Live, Love, Repeat

A Novella; Book 1 in the Milestones Anthology

Over the last 25 years, Liz Banner’s life has grown stagnant. With a milestone birthday approaching, Liz is determined to live a little. And when her best friend, Anne, gifts her a ticket for a 10-day luxury cruise, Liz decides it’s the perfect excuse to experience new things, and just take some time to relax with some of her favorite women. But her idea of a relaxing vacation gets thrown overboard when a few surprise guests make an appearance and attempt to win their way back into Liz’s heart.

With a second chance at life…and love, turning 50 never felt better.


All's Fair in Love and Work 

A Novella; Book 3 in the Milestones Anthology

Maggie is a work-a-holic who knows what she wants and does everything in her power to get it. But working toward a promotion and taking care of her mother doesn’t allow a lot of time for much else. Which is exactly how she likes it.
She wished she could pass on the cruise, but she made a promise. And her mother needed her. Maggie knew that the vacation would bring distractions, but they were nothing she couldn’t handle. But she never expected to be forced to deal with issues she has worked hard to avoid for years. Or that the biggest distraction would be love.

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Worth a Thousand Words

A Novella: Part of the Cozy Christmas Mystery Anthology

After excelling in her career as a photographer at a fashion magazine, Sophie is granted a new assignment: a photojournalism piece highlighting Small-Town Christmases. Being a city girl, she isn’t sure what to expect when she arrives in the mountain town of Stowe, Vermont. Everything about Stowe is perfect. From the tree in the town center, to the quaint Bed and Breakfast where she is staying. Even the inn’s charming handyman, Nick, is handsome and more than helpful.

Sophie couldn’t be happier with her project. But then, after a small misfortune, Sophie and Nick uncover a precious item from the past that leads them on a mission to discover the not so perfect truth about Stowe.

Eye of the Falcon

A Novel

It is said that someone will one day uncover the Eye of Horus and harness its powers, tasked to protect it until its celestial owner claims it. For centuries, Protectors have been searching for the Eye and the one who is destined to return it, bringing peace to the world of the gods. But there have been many Protectors, and many who have found the Eye, all to be hunted down and killed before they could fulfill their purpose.

When seventeen-year-old Re Fuller discovers an ancient Egyptian amulet, he unleashes a buried power within himself, inciting the help of Kamilah and her family of Protectors.

Together, Kamilah and Re must return the artifact to its rightful owner before it destroys Re from the inside out. In doing so, they are thrust into the midst of a celestial war that leads down a path of danger and the discovery of Re’s true identity—an identity that many would kill for in order to keep it buried forever.

Elemental Stalking

A Novel

Welcome to Freyshire! The quiet little town where one might appreciate historic Tudor-style homes, mysterious cobblestone streets…and the occasional creature. Including me. And, actually, my life was extraordinarily average.


Except that I was half-vampire.


It wasn’t a big deal. I was basically like any other 19-year-old in town who was ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives. I was about to start my first semester at St. Anne’s Academy, the prestigious collegiate home to some of the most gifted, talented, and, well, not exactly human, students since 1536. But then I met Oliver, the guy that I had shamelessly crushed on from my bedroom window behind the veil, and everything changed.


Oliver was smart, funny, perfect. And human. At least, that’s what I thought until he started exhibiting some special talents of his own. Now it was up to me to help him uncover the truth about who he really was. And the truth could make our relationship a bit more complicated. If not deadly.

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