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Jen Drapp

Author of YA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Myths, and Magic

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Want a little more love? Jen's alter ego,

JD Corbett,

                writes contemporary romance  

New Release

Souffles and Sabotage
Now Available!

17-year-old Layla Cannes had it made. She was a senior, the Valedictorian, and had the most amazing bestie. The only thing that could make her life better was earning a scholarship to the best culinary school in the state by taking home first place at a local baking competition. And once Layla set her mind to something, she made it happen. Nothing could get in her way. Except for Matt McGinnis.

He. Ruined. Everything.

Matt McGinnis was Layla’s neighbor and nemesis. He sabotaged her at every turn and was right on her academic heels as Salutatorian. Then, Matt had the nerve to sign up for the same contest that could give Layla a free ride to her dream school, waging a war. A war that Layla was determined to win, no matter what.
Even if it meant beating Matt at his own game of sabotage.

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Elemental Stalking

Available NOW

Welcome to Freyshire! The quiet little town where one might appreciate historic Tudor-style homes, mysterious cobblestone streets...and the occasional creature. Including me. And, actually, my life was extraordinarily average.

Except that I was half-vampire.

It wasn't a big deal. I was basically like any other 19-year-old in town who was ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives. I was about to start my first semester at St. Anne's Academy, the prestigious collegiate home to some of the most gifted, talented, and, well, not exactly human, students since 1536. But then I met Oliver, the guy that I had shamelessly crushed on from my bedroom window behind the veil, and everything changed.

Oliver was smart, funny, perfect. And human. At least, that's what I thought until he started exhibiting some special talents of his own. Now it was up to me to help him uncover the truth about who he really was. And the truth could make our relationship a bit more complicated. If not deadly.

Where Can You Find Me in 2024?

This year, I'm heading to Orlando, FL for the Starfell Ball and Rainbow Market. I can't wait to meet y'all! Link coming soon.

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About Jen

Jen is a Southern author who writes stories of fantasy and adventure. She lives just outside of Washington, DC with her family and dog, Hank.

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